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Knowledge Pills - Getting Organized (en)

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Knowledge Pills - Getting Organized (englisch)
Knowledge Pills sind für jeden interessant, der sich schnell über ein bestimmtes Thema informieren muss.
Die Knowledge Pills sind von ausgesuchten Autoren geschrieben und beschreiben in etwa 15 Minuten, was das ausmacht. Danach kann man entscheiden, ob man sich eingehender damit beschäftigen muss, aber man kann auch "loslassen". In jedem Fall, hat man genug Wissen erworben, um genau diese Entscheidung sicher treffen zu können.
Dieses Paket steht in englischer Sprache zur Verfügung, um Ihnen Gelegenheit zu geben, sich mit dem englischen Wortschatz des Themas vertraut zu machen.
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In diesem Onlinetraining wird das Thema "Getting Organized" behandelt.
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2 Stunden Lernzeit o­nline von zu Hause oder am Arbeitsplatz

Und die Inhalte?

Managing your e-mails efficiently (en)

Email is now the primary source of communications and information sharing in the workplace; it is vital to be efficient and organized with all email correspondence. Email will consume your workday if you let it. The compelling feeling that you have to stop your current action and read the incoming email at the very moment it is received can translate into a huge time-waster. Email needs to be one of your priorities, with its management scheduled along with other tasks you need to complete each day. We will learn, in this module, how to develop an email system and habits that will keep you on top of email without neglecting other important tasks.

Space Planning: Maximize efficiency (en)

A persons work environment is very important. After all, we spend nearly as much time at work as we do at home. According to a recent North American Survey, nearly 50% of workers rank their work environment as the most critical element of job satisfaction. What makes a high quality work environment? Space design. It is a key component for increased productivity and efficiency. Space design encompasses office layout, optimal lighting solution for the tasks you perform, ample  storage space, placement of office tools, and last but not least enhancements that might clear the clutter and give you piece of mind.

Being Organized on the Road (en)

Travelling for business can take its toll, especially if you are unorganized. Its hard enough keeping up with typical workdays, much less trying to travel on top of your other responsibilities. Whether you take one trip a year or several, it is important to stay organized before, during, and after your travel assignments. In this Knowledge Pill, we will discuss ways that will help you efficiently travel and manage your workload during travel. The more you plan and organize while you are on the road, the easier it will be to return to the office. As youre about to learn, there are many solutions to help organize and categorize your information to make a smoother transition upon your return.

Organize your PC (en)

Computers have become an essential data management tool in ways none of us could have predicted 10 years ago. Today, most office workers maintain an enormous amount of electronic data in various forms within multiple software applications. Because there is so much information in todays work world, it is vital that we begin to think of how we want to organize our electronic data. We will learn how to create an effective filing system in your computer and begin the process of organizing your electronic data on your PC. This will help you manage the electronic data overload and make your workday more organized and easier to manage.

Paper Flow Management - Confronting the Onslaught of Paper (en)

Have you ever telephoned someone and in the middle of the conversation been interrupted by the distracted plea, "Wait a minute, I need to find something to write on.” Followed by the sound of rustling paper?

Papers pile up because of delayed decisions and because there is no designated final resting place for the papers to go. If you are drowning in piles of paper, like it or not, it is time for you to get organized. People spend an average of 22 minutes a day looking for things around or on their desk. Convert those lost minutes into productive time to get rid of the piles.

In this module we will answer the questions:
· Where does all of the paper come from? What do I do with it?
· How do I begin to clear the clutter on my desk?
· What systems do I need in place to keep me organized and in control?
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